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2009 National Corvette Challenge
01/14/09 - We are sorry to report that after many considerations, we will not be hosting a 2009 National Corvette Challenge. Steve, Bill and I appreciate your support in the past years and we hope that you we can bring you a 2010 race and you will continue to support us.
2006 and 2007 National Corvette Challenge Tee Shirt Sale
09/06/08 - We have some left over tee shirts from the 2007 and 2008 National Corvette Challenges. If you would like to purchase one or more, please contact me email of use the paypal link below for purchase. We have 2008, M, L, XL, XXL (very few of the smaller ones) and 2007 XL and XXL. Money collected from the sale will be used to cover a small shortage from 2008 and the balance carried to 2009. Prices are as follow.
  • $10 plus each tee shirt you wish to purchase
  • $3 shipping for however many you order (sorry no track delivery)
  • Add $5 if you wish me to include 2007 ECS Corvette Challenge DVD

2008 Zip National Corvette Challenge Coverage in Corvette Enthusiast 07/08/08 - We are happy to report that our event will be covered in the Nov 2008 issue of Corvette Enhusiast. this issue will be delivered to subscribers in August and hits newstands in early September. To subscibe or location a newstand (don't chance not getting your copy) visit


David Shen Wins Carolina Auto Masters (CAM) 10.0 Index

05/10/08 - Richmond, VA - The Carolina Auto Masters 10.0 Index class was one to be contested by 12 Corvettes this year. Doing battle as part of the 2008 Zip Products National Corvette Challenge, this class put some of the quickest Corvettes in the East against each other in a heads-up, pro .500 tree, races with performance of the Corvettes limited to 10.0 seconds. Cars that went under that elapsed time would be moved to the bottom of the ladder during qualifying and would be eliminated if doing it in competition. The variety of the class was great, ranging from the naturally aspirated 1965 Corvette of our event winner to supercharged stock block combinations like that of our runner-up. We had all combinations covered with all motor, nitrous and turbo entries. In the end, it was all motor versus supercharger. The race was held at Richmond Dragway in Richmond Virginia and was open to any Corvette that was not all tube chassis.


Carolina Auto Masters 10.0 Index
1Olivier Mader10.007140.32
2Chris Young10.019135.71
3David Shen10.023133.77
4Jay Mccardle10.068138.85
5David Outten10.090135.95
6Alan Eckert10.093138.08
7Phil Corbin10.094133.57
8Roger Claytor10.104135.75
9Randy Robertson10.108139.19
10Danny Niceley10.113134.85
11Steve Haynes10.335128.53
12Mark Scharago9.999143.04
Drivers would get three qualifying passes to place themselves on the ladder that would pair the cars on a sportsman ladder for eliminations. After the smoke had cleared and the 12 Corvettes had made their initial passes, three drivers found themselves at the bottom of the ladder for having gone too fast. Phil Corbin drove his 1990 Corvette the quickest of the round and was rewarded with the number 12 spot on the ladder. His 9.82 @ 139.45 was too quick for the 10.0 index though it was impressive nonetheless for the naturally aspirated combination. David Outten, in the green 1990 Corvette went under in his combination as well and was in the 11th spot after having gone under by .0149. Mark Scharago, New Egypt, NJ, just barely missed a perfect 10.0 going 9.99 @ 143.04 MPH in the supercharged entry built by East Coast Supercharging. He was followed on the ladder in the 10th spot by local racer Steve Haynes who also was entered in the Outlaw class today. Haynes drove his C3 Corvette to a troubled 11.015 as he slowed to 95.79. Just above him was the supercharged entry of Jay McCardle, Stewartstown, PA in 1997 Nassau Blue Coupe. McCardle was in at 10.519 @ 136.45 MPH. Then next entry on the ladder was the twin turbo 2000 Corvette owned by Randy Robertson, Richmond, VA. The car is a stock bottom end 346 cid Corvette that started life with a 6-speed manual transmission and now sports a Turbo 400. Robertson was in the seventh spot with a 10.341 @ 140.54 MPH. In the fifth position was Chris Young, Carmel, NY with a 434 cid SBC in the 1991 Quasar Blue Corvette. Young, who has been in the 9's and had just had a roll cage completed at Carroll's Rod and Racecraft (formerly Neverlift), Spotswood, NJ was in at 10.266 @ 134.85 MPH. In the fourth spot was our longest traveler, Olivier Mader who came out of Florida. Mader drives a 1968 Convertible with a RevXtreme 434 cid motor with a solid roller and a power glide transmission. The combination is also packing nitrous though his attempts at qualifying would be all motor. Mader took the fifth position in the ladder with a 10.2246 @ 133.18. In the fourth spot was Danny Nicely, Knoxville, TN, driving a 2000 Torch Red Corvette Coupe. Danny's 427 cid C5R motor and automatic transmission is one of the very few naturally aspirated C5 Corvettes to get in the 9's having gone 9.994 @ 136.90. Today's setup was for the 10's and Danny was sitting in the fourth spot at 10.180 @ 134.37. Local racer, Roger Claytor was in the third position with a 10.103 @ 135.75. Claytor drives a 1980 Corvette with a small block chevy, tubbed, Power Glide and has gone a best ET of 9.72 @ 143 MPH. Alan Eckert, Washington Crossing, PA drives a Commemorative Edition 2003 Z06 Corvette with a Novi Supercharger built by ECS, Cream Ridge, NJ (that is three ECS cars in the this class, Scharago and McCardle) was in the 2nd spot with a 10.092 @ 138.08. In the number 1 spot at the moment was David Shen, Franklin Lakes, NJ. David drives a 1965 Red Corvette with a 383 cid naturally aspirated motor. He held the top spot with a 10.042 @ 133.57.

The drivers were not done mixing it up in the ladder when they came out for the second round of qualifying. Jay McCardle made a move toward the top when he moved himself up the three spot with a 10.076 bumping the field down. We had a new number one qualifier with Chris Young bolting to the top with a 10.018 pass. Other drivers improving on their times were Danny Nicely improving to 10.119 form his 10.18. Olivier Mader squeezed the nitrous and went too quick and did not improve while the three drivers that had gone under did not improve either. Scharago did not make the call, Outten and Corbin each went under again.

For the third and final qualifier of the day for the class, we had yet another number 1 qualifier. This time it was Olivier Mader finding just the right combination to glide his '68 across the finish line with a perfect 10.00 with a 6 to take the number 1 qualifying spot for the 2008 race. Davie Outten and Phil Corbin made it two more cars in the 10.0s with Outten moving up to the fifth position with a 10.089 and Corbin to the seventh position with a 10.094. Randy Robertson improved his turbo car to a 10.108 to move to the ninth spot. That makes 9 of the 12 entries going 10.10 or better for a very tight field. The final qualifying class average for the 12 Corvettes was an astounding 10.086!

Round 1

The first pair out was our number 1 qualifier Olivier Mader against Phil Corbin (7). The drivers staged and we watched the tree light bright yellow then red went on for Mader. He was so early he had to have gone before the yellow. The 1968 Corvette was out with a -.135 reaction time and Corbin was a winner. Corbin left with a .053 reaction time and ran it out to complete his 1/4 mile victory lap at 10.019 @ 135.05 MPH. Next out were McCardle (4) and Nicely (10). Nicely was out of the gate first with a .106 to .153 on the .500 pro tree. McCardle began to make up ground immediately. McCardle pulled beside him by mid-track and they raced side-by-side to the finish. It was McCardle at the finish with win by a .006 margin of victory. McCardle ran 10.137 @ 133.85 to Nicely's 10.190 @ 134.89. Steve Haynes was up next against Outten. This was a tough one for Outten. When the light flashed, Outten lit the ugly red by -.001! Oh so close. Haynes was off clean with a .024 RT and lifted when he saw the red light and coasted to the win at 11.783. Next on the track was Randy Robertson vs. David Shen. Shen was out of the gate slow with a 169 RT while Robertson nailed it with a .013. Shen made up the differential and had taken the lead by the 60 foot mark with a stellar 1.41 to 1.60. However the twin turbos went to work and pulled Robertson back ahead of Shen and form the 330 mark it was all Robertson....until he crossed the finish to find he had broken out. He took the stripe by 2 tenths but went too quick with a 9.964 @ 133.29. Shen got the win with dead-on 10.003 @ 133.89 in this great race. The final pair was Scharago vs. Eckert. Both team members of the ECS Racing team. Scharago got off the line first with a .116 to Eckert's .249 and was on the way to win when something went snap! He had to pull it over to the side Eckert ran through the stripe with the win at 10.419

Round 2

There were six left for this round and two of the three pair would be decided at the starting line. Young would be paired with Haynes in the first pair. In this one, both drivers went red, however it was Young red first with a -.010 and Haynes was -.004. This one was decided on the line by a mere .006. Both drivers ran it out and gave us a nice trip down the track. Young went 10.037 @ 136.45 but Haynes was quicker too with a 10.028 @ 131.43. Next up was McCardle and Corbin. The tree advantage went to Corbin with a .022 light to McCardles .112. Corbin carried the lead mid track but then lost traction some what and could not maintain it. McCardle pulled up beside then past him and took the win with a 10.197 to Corbin's 10.644. The final pair would be Eckert and Shen. Eckert's car moved first but lit the red -.058 giving Shen the instant win. Why did Eckert go red? He races Shen all the time at Raceway Park, Englishtown, NJ so he know Dave would be a tough match. How tough ? How about a .001 reaction time and 10.017 at the top end? A package under .002 is tough to beat any day.

Round 3

The luck of the ladder would give McCardle the single into the final. Haynes and Shen, who faced each other in the final last year, would square off for a second consecutive finals appearance. Standing at the starting line, I saw Haynes leave on Dave big time! Following them up the track told a different story. Haynes had gone big time red, -.492 (not a typo) and Shen was off to the final. McCardle took the tree and made a soft pass to make his win official in the semi-final.

Round 4 - The Final

We were down to the last two. These two are regular participants in the Cartek Racing Pro 10.0 at Englishtown, NJ. In fact, Shen is the defending champion having won 4 events in a row out of five last year to claim that Championship. The cars lined up with Shen in the right and McCardle left. McCardle would take a slight starting line advantage, .020 to .039. Shen's 1.41 60 foot time made up for that and gave him a .11 advantage over McCardle. However, McCardle would gain fast on him with his supercharged entry over Shen's all motor car. Gaining on him the rest of the way he just ran out of race track. Shen crossed the line by 2 thousandths of a second taking the win with a 10.041 @ 132.78 to McCardle's 10.062 @ a hard charging 135.83. This brought to a finish a very close completive class with on a .002 margin of victory. The Carolina Auto Masters 10.0 Index class was one of the most exciting of the day with several races won by thousandths of a second. Congratulations to David Shen for taking the win with the help of his father and crew chief David Shen. Jay McCardle put together a great day as well and came up short by so little and deserves congratulations as well.

What Next?

Our winner left the track with a winner trophy and a nice payout of $750. Our runner-up earned a trophy and a $250 payout. Each driver will receive a jacket commemorating their finish in the annual event. For more information and to see the 2009 date and location when available visit

All Media For the Event in One Place

Video Theatre Is Now Open
05/17/08 - The video threatre is now open. A DVD will likely be available later in the year. For now enjoy the intenet video.

Complete Results for All Classes Posted
05/17/08 - We are happy to present all results including qualifying and eliminations for all class in .pdf format. Click for the results sheets.
First Video is Now Available
The first video of for our video theater is now available. We will have lots more available in the next few weeks so visit again. To see the video go to
450+ Photos in the Gallery
05/11/08 - Just finished processing over 450 photos in the gallery. Click for the photo gallery.
Final Ladders For Our Heads-up Classes
05/11/08 - First happy Mother's Day to all of our Mother's. Thanks for the letting the boys and girls get racing yesterday. Last night's final party at the Wingate is done and we are heading back home. Just so we can leave you with a little something to look at, we will give you the Pro ladders from yesterday, complete with results. Thanks to Richmond Dragway for sharing these.
11.50 Ladder | 10.0 Ladder | Outlaw Ladder
Jeter Repeat, Shen, Michalkowski and Haynes Win too!
05/10/08 - The race is in the books. We made it through the day and the racing was spectacular. Video, pictures and a full articles are forthcoming but for now here is a quick look at the winners. Ronnie Jeter pulled a back to back win in the Bracket class getting the win over Rob Farley. In the 10.0 class, David Shen piloted his C2 to a win over Jay McCardle in a final that separated the driver by .002! In the 11.50, Tommy Michalkowski pulled off the win over Geers and his whole family was there to watch it. In the Outlaw Class, Keith Valone did not make it to the starting line and Steve Haynes took the single pass for the win. More later as we are headed out for a little celebration.

Congratulations to all and thank for coming. Check back for more soon!

Morning Showers Bring Corvette Horsepower!
05/10/08 - A small passing shower early morning has led to beautiful sunshine and the promise of a great race and show day. Drivers are starting to assemble in the breakfast area, at least the ones that did not spend the night there having a great time. Gates are scheduled to open around 10 AM. Don't be too shy to get there early. Listen to the PA all day for announcements for racing and random prize giveaways.
Test Session Completed
05/09/08 - Thanks to all who participated in today's Test Day for the Zip Products National Corvette Challenge. There were roughly 30 racers who made test passes to ready to tomorrow's race. We had to bear a shower but we were able to make passes before and after the shower. Several drivers stayed behind to make more passes tonight thanks to Richmond Dragway for letting us stay for free to make up for the rain delay. We are just about ready to start our meet and greet. We will see you there. The meet and greet will run from 7-10 pm.
It is HERE!
05/08/08 - Several racers arrived at the Wingate Inn today including one of our coordinators, Bill Wilson. It is here! Race Weekend! Don't let the weather get you down, this event will be great! As you head out Friday or Saturday, please drive carefully and enjoy your trip. See you all in Richmond Dragway. I will be traveling myself and hope to have some photos of test day if I can get online in the afternoon. Don't forget the meet and greet in the conference room and lobby of the Wingate Inn. Be there around 7 pm.
Welcome Speed Direct
Speed Direct, Inc. 05/01/08 - With only 9 days to go, we would like to welcome Speed Direct to the family of sponsors supporting the 2008 National Corvette Challenge. SpeedDirect is celebrating 15 years of excellence! They manufacturer &mpg; sell Steeroids™ brand rack and pinion conversions, along with other products that bring modern precision and control to your classic Corvette. Big thanks to Randy Schnose and team for joinging us. Visit their website and order a free catalog.
Payout Projection Increase
04/16/08 - Based on the current level of sponsorship obtained for the 2008 National Corvette Challenge we are happy to announce a Payout projection increase. Payouts are in the payout table below but in short, we are projecting a $1,000 payout to the Bracket class winner and $750 each of the heads-up index class winners. For the Bracket class we are projecting a payout down to the quarter finalists (final 8). For the 10.0 and 11.50 we are projecting payouts to the semi-finalists (final four). For the Outlaw class is projecting winner and runner-up payout as of now. Hopefully this is a little extra incentive to make it out to the races. Thanks for the early registration.
RevXtreme Returns to Support The National Challenge
RevXtreme04/14/08 - Tracy Lewis and ReXtreme, Tampa FL, return as supporting sponsors of the 2008 National Corvette Challenge. We are happy to have a fast growing Corvette Performance company supporting our race. Be sure and check out some of the great new Corvete products, like the billet alternator pulley that helps keep your serpentine belt on under high rpm passes on the 1/4 mile or set up your dyno tuning session at Also look for Tracy and the RevXtreme team at the race May 10th.
The Vette Doctors Take It To the Next Level - 11.50 Sponsor
The Vette Doctors04/12/08 - The Vette Doctors, (VDP), Amityville, NY have taken their sponsorship to the next level. Recently announced as a supporting sponsor, they have decided to step up their sponsorship to be the Title sponsor of the 11.50 Index class. VDP is also the title sponsors of a similar class in a series in New Jersey so this was a natural progression to the next level. Look for the Vette Doctors at the event and to be the team to help you excel at the 11.50 index. Thanks for the continued support.

If you have opportunity to visit The Vette Doctors you are in for a treat as they have recently moved to a larger shop down the street and are installing a state of the art inertia dyno.

Updated spectator entry
03/25/08 - Please not spectator fee for Saturday May 10, 2008 race has been changed to $15. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Sponsor Announcement

East Coast Corvettes Welcome to East Coast Corvettes. Todd Wiley of East Coast Corvettes, Florida, is an avid racers who has joined the list of growing supporters of the 2008 National Corvette Challenge. East Coast Corvettes has an online store where you can dress up your Corvette and he frequently attends Corvette Events. Visit The Vette Doctors - The Vette Doctors, Amityville, NY, have come on board to sponsor the National Corvette Challenge. One of the premier shops in the Northeast, The Vette Doctors, Amityville, NY, have supported the Corvette Challenge in New Jersey since its inception in 1999. We are happy to have the Vette Doctors supporting us. Look for the Doctors, who will also participate in the event, in Richmond.

Announing Zip Products National Corvette Challenge

Zip Products National Corvette Challenge02/22/08 - We are pleased to announce the Title Sponsor for the 2008 National Corvette Challenge. Zip Products, Inc, Mechanicsville, VA, has agreed to take the lead role in the biggest Corvette only drag racing event of 2008.

From the beginning, Zip Products has been a leader and innovator, now 30 years later they’re thriving still. With over 20,000 items in stock, ranging from C1 suspension kits to LS7 full exhaust systems, Zip has what you need and want. Accommodating their large inventory Zip also takes a “hands on” approach to the Corvette industry. With in house rebuilders and a full service installation facility, Zip is able to understand their customers’ needs. Visit to see all they have to offer and order a FREE catalog specific for your generation Corvette.

Event Details Update: Friday Test and Tune, Meet and Greet and Host Hotel Information.
02/22/08 - Event details have been updated to reflect the time the Richmond Dragway will be available Friday, May 9, 2008 for a Corvette only test and tune session. Basically the this is the most affordable track rental you can have. Richmond Dragway will open from 1 P.M. to 4 P.M. for National Corvette Challenge participants only. During that time racers can make as many time shots as possible allotted time. The entry fee for the 4-hour session will be only $25. After this session, racers can head back to the Wingate Inn for the National Corvette Challenge Meet and Greet (start time apprixmately 7 pm) where snacks and soft drinks will be offered and you can meet and greet fellow participants, sponsors and coordinators. Those who wish to race more; Richmond has a regular Friday night program you can race in for an additional fee.

Wingate Inn, the event host hotel, has reported over 75 rooms have been booked thus far and is close to selling out for Friday night. Please don't wait to untill May to make hotel reservations as rooms will be booked on a first come first served basis. We have made arrangements for overflow hotels in the area so should still be able to get a room in the area. For more hotel information click here.

Quick Link for event details.

Carolina Auto Masters to Sponsor 2008 10.0 Index Class
Carolina Auto Masters 02/08/08 - We are happy to announce the 2008 National Corvette Challenge 10.0 Index class will be sponsored by Carolina Auto Masters, (CAM). You will recall CAM was the title sponsor of the 2007 National Challenge and they will be continuing support, now targeted at the 10.0 Heads-up Index class which will be a highly contested class. We thank CAM for their continued support of Corvette drag racing in 2008. CAM will likely also be fielding several Corvettes in the class.

Valone Motorsports to Sponsor 2008 Outlaw Class
Valone Motorsports 02/08/08 - We are happy to announce that Valone Motorsports will once again sponsor the Outlaw Class for the 2008 National Corvette Challenge. Owner, Keith Valone, owns one of the quickest Corvettes entered in the Outlaw class and is sure to be a front runner. Keith is happy to be a part of National Corvette Challenge and we thank him for his continued support. Valone Motorsports comes out of the Florida area and his C4 has 5.02 @ 139 mph in the eighth mile. Should be fun!

2008 National Corvette Challenge in RPM Magazine
RPM Feb '08 02/07/08 - Wanted to say thank you to RPM Magzine,, for including a half page announcement for the 2008 National Corvette Challenge that I am organizing with 1 heads-up class, 2 index classes and a bracket class.

Thanks to Chris and Trish Biro for the support.

It is in the Feb-08 issue pictured on their website.

Two photos were selected, Dwayne Schultz's C5 and David Outten's C2

All Classes will be All Run fields in 2008
01/28/08 - Today we are happy to announce that all classes will be all run fields. All drivers who enter any of our heads-up classes will get into the race. Qualifying will only be used to place you on a ldder. We hope this alleviates any concerns that you may not make the field.
Outlaw Class To be Contested on the 1/8th Mile
01/28/08 - Due to growning concerns with the track obtaining insurance for cars running quicker than 9.00 in the 1/4 mile, we have decided to make the Outlaw Class an 1/8th mile race. Corvettes entering the Outlaw class can run as fast they can in the 1/8th mile running everything they bring and all out.

Sponsor Announcement - Jan 26

Quick Time Peforemance - Quick Time Performance, Midland Park, NJ, a leader in high performance racing parts, equipment and accessories invites you into their world of top quality products for your car. Our company is committed to offering you only the best . QTP manufactures parts that they know are guaranteed top quality. QTP products have to pass their test first on their own personal cars. "We are racers too!" The team is hard at work design new and exciting power performing products for your ride. "Always a step ahead!" Visit - Welcome to, Roanoake, VA. is your source for collectable pool, billiard and snooker custom cues. Since 1998, billiardcue has become the premier source for rare cues from custom cue makers such as; George Balabushka, Richard Black, Herman Rambow, Joss West, Barry Szamboti, Gus Szamboti, Samsara, PFD, Joel Hercek, Frank Coster, Craig Petersen, Omega / DPK, Palmer, Paradise, Burton Spain, and more. Also at billiardcue you will find custom pool cases and the largest collection of billiard memorabilia on earth from Visit

Title and Class Sponsors to be Announced Shortly

01/21/08 - We have been hard at work working to solidify sponsorships for the Title and Class sponsorships. We have three out of four with one class sponsorship still open. Contact us if you are interested in sponsorship of this event. Remember, all sponsorship goes to the racers. We will have some additional class news in the coming days too. With 109 days to go, we have 86 pre-registered entries. Keep them coming!

Fuel Now Available at Richmond Dragway

12/07/07 - For those in need of fuel at Richmond Dragway, we have been informed that Richmond Dragway now sells fuel. Following is 2007 pricing which is subject to change for our 2008 race.
    • GT100 Unleaded (260GT) $45.00
    • Supreme (112) $50.00
    • HCR Plus (114) $55.00
    • Maximal (116) $60.00
    • Methanol (no lube) $35.00
    • Standard (110) $7.00 per gallon
    • Standard (110) BULK (54 gallons) $6.25/gallon $337.50/drum

Wingate Inn to Host 2008 National Corvette Challenge

10/22/07 - We are happy to announce a return to the the Wingate Inn, Richmond Airport in 2008. The Wingate will hold 2007 rates for us so there will be no increase. Book your room early. Complete information, including parking news and overflow/alternate hotel information can be found at

2008 National Corvette Challenge, May 9-10, 2008

10/21/07 - The National Corvette Challenge is back! We are happy to announce that the National Corvette Challenge will be returning for the 2008 year. The huge success we had in this year's race has helped up secure a date for 2008. We will be returning to Richmond Dragway where we had over 130 race entries and over 50 show entries in February! Steve Oyer will once again take the lead role in organizing this event with the help of Bill Wilson and myself, Edgar Perez. The Bracket Race will be the feature in this event that will include three heads-up classes and a people's choice Corvette show. Participation is open to all Corvettes. With racer participation and sponsorship, we hope to achieve, if not exceed, payouts from this year where our Bracket winner received $1,000 and our heads-up winners received $750. For those who choose not to race or race and show, you can enter a people's choice award show where you can earn a trophy for the cleanest, coolest Corvettes of the show while you watch the greatest all Corvette drag racing action in 2008.

We are also happy to announce the 2008 event will be a two day event. The Race Day will be Saturday, May 10, 2008 but we will also have a Corvette only Friday Test and Tune evening. That is right, we will be able to test on Friday and we have some plans in the works to maybe have a gamblers bracket race for those who wish to compete. Details will be forthcoming but for now, mark your calendars, May 9-10, 2008, National Corvette Challenge, be there!

We will begin contacting potential sponsors for the event shortly starting with this year's sponsors and will announce them as they come on board. If you would like to become a sponsor, we offer a great opportunity to put you business in front of large Corvette audience with national coverage for this event. Contact Steve Oyer or Edgar Perez for opportunities.

For a detailed wrap-up of the 2007 event, visit

Host Hotel Selected for the 2008 National Corvette Challenge

10/21/07 - We are happy to announce our Host hotel for our 2008 National Corvette Challenge. The host hotel will again be the Wingate Inn - Richmond Airport. We expect to have the rates and room types blocked shortly so please visit the National Corvette Challenge Host Hotel page for details as they become available.

Event Details

updated 02/22/08
  • Test Day: Friday, May 9, 2008, 1 PM to 5 PM $25 Test and Tune for National Corvette Challenge participants only (potential special race(s) to be announced). (Richmond Dragway will have open racing you can participate in Friday night as well for an additional fee if desired) (Overnight camping permitted)
  • Friday Night Meet and Greet: - Friday, May 9, 2008, Time TBD (snacks and soft drinks)
  • Race Day: Saturday May 10, 2008 (rain date May 11, 2008)
  • Time: Gates expected to be open 10:00 AM with racing starting around 11 AM.
  • Race Entry Fee (Bracket or Heads-up): $50
  • Bracket Race Buyback: $25 (first or second round)
  • Show Entry Fee: $25 - (show details)
  • Race and Show Entry Fee: $70
  • Spectator Fee: $15 (kids 12 and under FREE!)(updated 3/25/08)
  • Registration: Not mandatory but we want to know you are racing to project payouts. click to register online.

Racing Classes

2008 National Corvette Challenge
Zip Products
Corvette Challenge
Zip Products National Corvette Challenge
Carolina Auto Masters
10.0 Index
Carolina Auto Masters
The Vette Doctors
11.50 Index
The Vette Doctors
Valone Motorsports
Valone Motorsports
  • All Corvette regardless of level of experience or year of Corvette
  • .500 Full Tree
  • Footbrake only, no electronics or bracket racing aids or trans brakes
  • Bracket style racing (you dial-in your car)
  • Driver and car must meet all IHRA safety requirements for their elapsed time
  • Complete Rules
  • Heads-up racing but cannot go quicker than 10.0 or you lose
  • .500 Pro Tree
  • All run field
  • Transbrakes are allowed
  • Driver and car must meet all IHRA safety requirements for their elapsed time
  • Race to be run separate from Bracket class
  • Complete Rules
  • Heads-up racing but cannot go quicker than 11.50 or you lose
  • .500 Pro Tree
  • All run field
  • Transbrakes are allowed
  • Driver and car must meet all IHRA safety requirements for their elapsed time
  • Race to be run separate from Bracket class
  • Complete Rules
  • Heads-up racing all out racing contested on the 1/8th mile with anything allowed except tube chassis
  • .400 Pro Tree
  • All run field
  • Driver and car must meet all IHRA safety requirements for their elapsed time
  • Race to be run separate from Bracket class
  • Complete Rules


become a sponsor Payout will be determined by the amount of sponsorship and cars entered to race. As of April 16, 2008 our projected payouts are listed below.
Zip Products
Corvette Challenge
Zip Products National Corvette Challenge
Carolina Auto Masters
10.0 Index
Carolina Auto Masters
The Vette Doctors
11.50 Index
The Vette Doctors
Valone Motorsports
Valone Motorsports
Winner: $1,000
Runner-up: $250
Semi-Finalist: $150
Quarter-Finalist: $75
Winner: $750
Runner-up: $250
Semi-Finalist: $150
Winner: $750
Runner-up: $250
Semi-Finalist: $150
Winner: $750
Runner-up: $150

2008 Sponsors

Zip Corvettes

East Coast Supercharging
East Coast Supercharging

The Vette Doctors
The Vette Doctors

11.50 Title
Carolina Auto Masters
Carolina Auto Masters

10.0 Title
Valone Motorsports
Valone Motorsports
Outlaw Title



Quick Time Performance

East Coast Corvettes
East Coast Corvettes

HP Factory

Speed Direct, Inc Speed Direct, Inc.
become a sponsor
Inquire on Sponsorship here

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